Linkage to Headline the Broker – Carrier Summit!

Linkage Co-Founder, Dan Lindsey, has put together a premier event for freight brokers and trucking companies to connect, collaborate, and enhance their capabilities.  The Broker Carrier Summit is meeting in Tampa, FL October 12-13, 2023 and will feature many dynamic speakers, including Dan.  Additionally, Linkage’s Director of Business Development, Matt Miller will be teaming up with Kevin Hill of Freightwaves to talk to carriers about how they can maximize their brokerage relationships!

If you want to join us in Tampa, click the link below and use the promocode “LINKAGE” to receive a $25 discount on registration costs!


Fast 25 #1!

Last week, Linkage Logistics was honored to be listed among the fastest-growing private companies in Indiana by the IBJ.  Not only were we listed, we took the #1 spot!  Let’s GO!


Optimizing USDA Freight Partnerships

If are a USDA shipper, you know the challenges involved in selecting the right transportation partners. Some of the most common issues with USDA loads are:

– A driver being late or missing a pickup / delivery appointment
– Inconsistent freight rates
– Not knowing where the load is at all times
– Carriers not turning in their paperwork in a timely fashion

These issues not only threaten to affect your relationships with your customers, but can also jeopardize your qualifications for future USDA contracts. Shippers in this space deserve – and should expect – their transportation partners to deliver a flawless execution strategy that revolves around proactive communication, a proven process, and a thorough understanding of every detail involved in moving USDA loads.

That is what Linkage’s Matt Miller brings to the table every time he has conversations with our USDA shipping customers. Since Matt joined Linkage in mid-2020, he has used his extensive experience to spearhead Linkage’s USDA Freight Program, resulting in:

On Time Performance: 100% on time record. Matt’s team schedules, arranges, monitors, and reviews every step of every USDA load before,
during, and after load movement
Eliminating Re-Quoting: We know that our USDA customers base their bids in part on our transportation quotes, so we will never re-
quote a quoted lane after your contract is awarded. Our quotes are ironclad.
Constant communication: Matt’s team provides around the clock communication, providing over the road tracking in real time. They do
so by leveraging technology such as GPS tracking and ELD integrations through our technology partners to monitor the location and
condition of every single USDA load.
Proactive Updates: We give you updates before you need them. You will never need to ask us for an update!
– Linkage’s POD Guarantee. POD’s are how our customers ensure they get paid by the USDA, and so we go above and beyond when collecting
load documents from our carriers. All USDA POD’s are guaranteed to be submitted within 24 hrs of delivery.
Training and Compliance: Every one of our freight specialists is trained in the latest USDA compliance regulations. We’ve established
clear guidelines and training programs for our employees to ensure they understand and follow all relevant regulations.

For Matt and his team, everything boils down to service and communication. “I view moving and arranging USDA loads as a service. A service to my community, the underserved, and a service to the food producers who work tirelessly to provide meals on everyone’s table.”

If you are looking for a transportation partner that will add real value to your USDA Program, then Linkage Logistics is here for you.
To learn more, email us at

Programs we’ve supported include:
– SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
– CSFP (Commodity Supplemental Food Program/Food for Seniors)
– WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program)
– NSLP (National School Lunch Program)

Giving Back

From the beginning, Linkage Logistics has been committed to giving. We believe that making positive, long-lasting impacts on our community around us is part of our duty as a business. Last year, we partnered with two special organizations that serve to bring life and hope to many Hoosier communities.

Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic – The NCLC provides free legal services to those who cannot afford them. They are a faith-based organization that seeks to show God’s heart for justice by serving and empowering their clients, regardless of background or religion. Their goal is to free their clients from the legal burdens that have kept them from flourishing.

Third Phase Food Pantry – Third Phase has a passion for helping people grow and prosper. They provide food and other consumer goods to county residents as well as donate to other organizations. Their thrift store provides clothing, furniture, home supplies, and toiletries at a very nominal cost. They also act as a homeless shelter; working with individuals in developing skills and resources to attain independent living.

If you would like to learn more about our “Linkage Gives” efforts, you may email us at